TO the 7,000 men
whom God has left Himself
and who did not bend their knee to the idols
and did not kiss them with their mouth

NOTE-FOREWORD by father John (Vasilevski) The Bulgarian:
- For
the fact that, I without hiding and in good conscience, provide technical assistance to the True Orthodox Christians like me in making this wonderful website and for the fact that I personally provided certain information – the hidden in the Synod K. heretics cyprianites decided to concentrate their fire, throwing of stones, accusations and victimizations on my head.
Apparently so it is convenient to them: to have ONE person to blame for everything - that they have inherited from their father the judean Caiaphas (John.18:14) - because due to their shamelessness and audacity, they do not want to admit that THEY ARE GUILTY before the whole people, and not only before one people but before many peoples! THEY ARE GUILTY before all 7000 men who did not bend knee to the idols! It is CONVENIENT to them to have ONE person suffer before the whole people, and thus to try to conceal their own disgrace - by diverting people's attention from their own guilt - to another "guilty".

I do not mind - for Christ's sake - to take on
my head all the responsibility for this wonderful Spiritual site, which so well, exactly, truthfully reveals the Truth. The Truth, which the fighters against God cyprianites want to HIDE - resisting against the commandment of Christ Who clearly says: what you hear whispered, announce it from the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but can not kill the soul, instead fear Him Who can destroy both your soul and body in the gehenna (Mat.10:27-28). The fighters against God cyprianites resist also the example of the Apostles, who, the more they are forbidden - the more they preach the Truth (Acts.5:40-42).

is an HONOR to me which God Himself bestows on me - to take on my head all the stones that these hypocrites heretics cyprianites have planned to throw upon the faithful - on all 7000 men, chosen ones of God!
if so they see fit – let them throw stones ONLY on my head – that is why I tell them openly: I am ALONE – THERE ARE NO others!
HONOR of Orthodox Warrior requires me to warn my persecutors:
- My head is thick and STRONG!
has gone through deep experience: The whole cursed bolshevik system threw stones at my head in complete union and accord with their brothers the heretics cyprianites of Bulgaria - and for 8 whole years
I fought ALONE in encirclement – there was no other Orthodox priest there at that time!

And this system was many times more powerful than you -
it could wipe you from the face of the earth with its fingernail - even though you are brothers of it.

But now that bolshevik system is dead
– and I am ALIVE! - And my head is intact.
And t
his is not bragging, such as you are used to listening and talking a lot here - this is an obvious FACT.
Thank God for that!

This endurance and especially the Defense – comes to me by inheritance:
- my second Spiritual father, father Macarius, spent 7 years in the bolshevik concentration camp Belene – and this camp is much more horrid than the Gulag!
he bolsheviks in that camp killed the Orthodox and threw their bodies to feed the pigs. However my Spiritual father with God’s help and protection died IN PEACE at the age of 91 years and till the end of his life he spoke: "Those who wanted to kill me – are dead!" - pointing smiling to the Sky, to show Who his Defender was.

The same thing happened to me afterwards: Those who wanted to kill me (and they were quite a few) - are now dead!

So my HONOR of a Warrior of Christ obliges me to warn my persecutors heretics cyprianites hidden in the Synod K.: Let them before throwing the stone, prepared for my head, first think about - Who they have decided to fight (Acts.9:4) and Who has kept me for so long - in the words of the Righteous and wise Gamaliel (Acts.5:38-39) (a secret disciple of Christ).  So - be careful, daring man, who have raised your arm to throw a rock at my head - will you be ALIVE to manage to hit me, or will you join untimely the company of your breathless friends!
One of you already tried to silence me publicly with technical tricks, not with wisdom and Justice - and God immediately shut his mouth for long years! You remember? This is not bragging, such as you are used to listening and talking a lot here, but that was God's warning to all of you - who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to think (Mat.13:9).

One thing now wonders me, the little sinful and insignificant man:
Where are NOW the heroes of the monastery Esfigmenou?
Usually there arises quite a fuss around them. Where are they NOW - when such a betrayal is taking place?
Was it not that God supports them – even so that the earth trembled - where are they NOW when there is such great need of their heroism? NOW they are just nowhere to be heard - very strange – but why???

Where are these heroes NOW - when the hidden in the Synod K. heretics cyprianites call their compatriots from Kinotita GOC with the infamous name "fatrida"? (faction). Where are NOW the heroes Esfigmenites (who always present themselves patriots) – where are NOW to protect and support them - as in 1924 did father John (Floros)? Is it just me, father John Bulgarian to support them? And where are the heroes patriots?
The heroes
Esfigmenites are nowhere to be heard. Otherwise there comes much noise from them.
BUT where are they NOW when they are so needed? ... Methody, where are you now?
You are usually very noisy when you collect human glory - where are you now? ...
Or may be
the "heroes" of Esfigmenou have become heretics cyprianites as well?
Well, even if it be so - thank God! For the sake of Christ (John.11:49-50) I will say again: I am ALONE – there are no others!
Thank God for everything!

We, the True Orthodox Bulgarians, with God's help and guidance, are not afraid of any tyrannical system
- either of people dressed in uniform of a red policeman,
- or of people dressed in a black cassock of a heretic cyprianite.
Our King and Lord of all things visible and invisible Jesus Christ is INVINCIBLE
and He will clear from the face of the earth ANY such tyranny - and even the global kingdom of the Antichrist and then - with the lightest means for Him: with one breath of His Mouth (2Thes.2:8)
We are disciplined obedient humble serious subjects and Warriors of His
- and WILL listen to EVERY bishop who listens to Him!
- and WILL NOT listen to ANY "bishop" who DOES NOT listen to Him!

Our HONOR is proven by seriousness and persistence - from 1992 until today (a quarter of a century save 3 years) we have been serious and persistent and have always belonged to the Synod of Chrysostom - we have NEVER passed from one Synod to another - as did other nations Serbs, Russians, Caucasians, English etc. – and as do the Greeks themselves with or without cause! We have NEVER shown such a lack of seriousness! And we have been so STEADFAST TRUE and PERSISTENT, even despite the ethnic insults and inconvenience we have endured in Greece! We endured for Christ's sake!
But what a shame did we live to see? The Bishops from this synod proved unworthy of us, unworthy of our PERSISTENCE and EARNESTNESS - they BETRAYED US - as
- they themselves passed into the anathematized synod in resistance
- they are trying to bring us as well under the same ANATHEMA! Shame on them!
Is it that we could not do that same madness – even 20 years ago – and by ourselves without their "mediation"?
What need do we have of their "mediation" to fall in this destruction?
Is it that we could not ourselves without them join the anathematized group of the cyprianites in Bulgaria which has always been tolerated by bolsheviks and even financially supported by masons (official data from the Rotary Club, etc.) - and thus avoid the persecutions and sufferings for Christ?
What need did we have then to come to them in Greece in 1992 and to suffer for the sake of Christ the national humiliation they subjected us to?
What need did we have to suffer persecution in our homeland from these same cyprianites – who were accusing us that “we have not found a Bulgarian bishop, so we worship the Greeks”? (Literally printed in Bulgarian newspapers! And I, Fr. John Vasilevski, in newspaper declared before all Bulgarian people as a "Greek spy"!!!)
What makes the bishops of GOC Greece push us today towards the anathematized cyprianite group so clearly supported by the masons in Bulgaria?
- they mocked over our suffering for Christ

- they mocked over our great patience and seriousness
- they mocked over our TRUST - they just sneered at us that we were so trustful towards them

- they made ​​a mockery of everything sacred through which we have passed and we have fought because of our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ...

Shame! They disgraced themselves before the whole world!

BUT WE – the disciplined obedient humble serious subjects of the Lord Jesus Christ will keep our HONOR of Warriors of Christ and as we said:
WILL listen to EVERY bishop who listens to Him!
- And
WILL NOT listen to ANY "bishop" who DOES NOT listen to Him!

-------- End of captions

the 7,000 men
whom God has left Himself
and who did not bend their knee to the idols
and did not kiss them with their mouth

Dear brothers and sisters GOChristians, faithful in the Lord sons and daughters of the Holy Orthodox Church - watch (!) - So says the Lord to His Apostles and to us all. He says: "And what I say unto you I say unto all: WATCH!" (Mark.13:37)

God has honored us to live in Holy days of martyrdom.
The True Orthodox Church is only the Synod of the late Chrysostomos!
BUT the Church is full of hypocrites-cyprianites who allegedly were confessing the True Orthodoxy but only externally. And in their heart these hypocrites are
heretics-cyprianites who
- can not discern between priesthood and false priesthood,
- can not discern between Church Sacraments and false sacraments of the
heretics-ecumenists and for this must be unfrocked and then, as ordinary laymen - to be excommunicated from the Church (see Apostolic Canons 46 and 47). According to these canons, by the inspiration of God Holy Spirit and in full obedience to God's holy will, in 1986, was deposed the archheretic Cyprian, who after that excommunicated himself by creating his own "church" in resistance.
(Here is
the document of the defrocking of the archheretic Cyprian)

Such are the hidden in the Synod K. heretics cyprianites that are abusing their men-given bishop authority without being Bishops in fact, because by the testimony of the Holy Spirit Himself, spoken through St. Basil the Great:
- The Holy Spirit (God's Grace) always works but not always ordains!

Thus these hypocrites and false bishops, dressed in clothes of bishopsexternally and pro forma present themselves as "successors of the Apostles" - but in reality and essentially they fanatically hamper the observance of theApostolic Canons!
That is why the Lord exposes them: IF you were really successors of the Apostles, you would do the works of the Apostles, however, you persecute the people who tell you the Truth - and the Apostles did not do this (John.8:39-44).

God exposes them – because with a stubborn fanaticism they resist the Holy Spirit by Whom all the Canons of the Apostols were written and Who has spoken through the Prophets - because never by the will of man did a prophecy come, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (2Pet.1:20-21).
Justly through st. First Martyr Stephen did the Holy Spirit expose these non-sacral hypocrites even 2000 years ago: Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye always resist the Holy Spirit - as your fathers did, so do ye! (Acts.7:51) These stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears people, dressed in clothes of bishops without being bishops essentially, are not shepherds at all, but are - wolves in sheep's clothing (Mat.7:15)

With wild fanaticism they
fight against God the Holy Spirit - Who was the One Who wrote the Holy Canons for the salvation of men - as Christ had heralded! (John.14:26). In their fight against God, they proudly and confidently say in their hearts, "with our tongue will we prevail, our lips are our own, who is Lord over us?" (Psalm 12:4-5)

satanists, led by their father the devil (John.8:44) have for centuries acted according to that satanic PLAN:
 Separate what God has joined together (Mat.19:7, Mark.10:10) b) And join together what God has separated.

In the same model act these apostate bishops
as well:
 Separate what God has joined together (Mat.19:7, Mark.10:10) – and they created schisms and heresies. So Photius created in Serbia the Acacius schism – and even to this day does not repent for it! They split, excommunicate, defrock - by their lusts - not by God's will and thus separate what God has joined together!
 And join together what God has separated: God separates the heresies from the Church!
So they were constantly trying to deceive God and to get heresies into the Church = to get into the Church heretics=weeds under the form of love - ostensibly to "save them". They were insanely trying to deceive God, by resisting Him - even though God says that nothing unclean will ever enter into the Church = no lie heresy or any other abomination will EVER enter into the Church (Rev.21:27).

a) This is why YOU, True Orthodox Christians inform us that you saw Chrysostomos Manyotis in Christodoulos’s office while the latter was still alive! What was he looking for there? Is it that he went there "to convert Christodoulos to the old calendar"?
b) This is why Gerontios of Piraeus openly boasts
(the witnesses are alive!) that he was offered the rank of bishop in the new calendar "church" - "but I refused!"
Well you refused, but where have you been going to have been offered that? Or maybe they came to you personally to offer it to you?...
c) And more... We could enumerate - but there is no room here.

But God's patience overflowed - and today God Himself clears His Church = today the Church by God’s wise action is cleared from the rottenness of the heresy of cyprianism - cleared of ALL those who resist Him.
You ask HOW?

Here's how: In pursuance of the diabolical plan - join together what God has separated – today the open heretics cyprianites have gathered with the hidden cyprianites = with the apostates from the Synod of Kallinikos!

The apostates from the Synod of Kallinikos IMPUDENTLY LIE to their Priests that the heretics cyprianites supposedly repent for their heresy. That's a lie!

The apostate bishops from the Synod of Kallinikos who still to save face present themselves as "orthodox" yet for long have professed WITH FANATICISM the heresy of cyprianism, cunningly lie to us: "Do not rush to take a decision - read the document of the cyprianites!"
All these are
stories designed to "calm", that is - to lull the consciences of the True Orthodox Shepherds - in order to deceive and mislead them so that they also apostatize from the Holy Orthodoxy, and also the laity, through which they would lose their eternal salvation.

The OPPOSITE is true:

1. Yes, indeed, the heretics cyprianites are drawing up a document. And it is here - delivered to us by the will of God even BEFORE the cyprianites publish it. BUT? In this document, which the heretics cyprianites have drawn – there is NOT A WORD of repentance!

In t
he document of the heretics cyprianites – there is no new thing under the sun (Eccl.1:9)
The heretics-cyprianites are an example of FANATICISM the fanaticism with which the ancient heretics hold their heresy - and the same cunning in attempting to present it as "orthodoxy":

- BLACK is black - yes, of course, BUT!
- If we look more carefully (more "smartly") - we can see that black is a neighbor of gray, which in turn is almost WHITE!
Hence: BLACK

That is – we can see stubborn FANATICISM, stubborn PRIDE – with which they openly say, "You are the stupid and do not understand, and we are the smart ones and will now teach you the "truth"!"
- After which they FANATICALLY begin to preach their heresy-cyprianism with the same IMPENITENCE!

2. The heretics cyprianites do NOT submit their heresy to anathema! On the contrary - they AFFIRM their heresy!

The first three pages of the document are intended to DECEIVE the vigilance of us the Orthodox – in them it is written "BLACK is black". This is the fraud. This is the "bait" - intended for the stupider fishie – to imprudently gobble the bait.
And after the stupid fishie swallows it - then follows "- yes, of course, BUT!" and then the heretics cyprianites start to "wisely" teach teach teach us who "are fools" - WHAT "orthodoxy" allegedly means?
This fanaticism reminds of the ancient fanaticism of the monothelitic disputes - when all bishops got tempted and fell into the heresy of monothelitism, there remaining only St.Maximus the Confessor and a select few True Orthodox scattered across the universe, then all these bishops, patriarchs and popes were condemned on the 6th Ecumenical Council as heretics!
- BUT! - The difference between the fanaticism of those heretics and the fanaticism of today’s heretics-cyprianites - both the manifest and the hidden in the Synod K. - is that the fanaticism of today’s heretics-cyprianites is by far more stubborn and unrepentant, and the cunning with which today’s heretics-"smarts" preach their heresy and teach us-"the stupids" is by far more REFINED! - So it is not surprising that the sillier ones of us will get tempted and will accept this heresy as "orthodoxy". There is no doubt about this! Why? Because how else? - Exactly this way will be fulfilled the words of the Lord, Who says that in the last days satan will sow temptations designed to deceive if possible even the very elect (Matthew.24:24)
Remember the words of the Lord, brothers: designed

The heresy of cyprianism is exactly one of these temptations!
Do not let the heretics cyprianites seduce you with their cunning!
Pay attention to their extreme fanaticism and impenitence in heresy!
Do not let them teach you "orthodoxy" – with pride designed to show:
a) How stupid you are and "have not understood" - and
b) How smart they are - and now "they will teach you"

But that is not all. Even more pernicious are the facts! The truth is that:
3. It is not the heretics cyprianites accepting the profession of the Synod of Chrysostom, which includes THE ANATHEMA of 1989 – but EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE:
- it is the hidden cyprianites from the Synod of Kallinikos worshipping and ACCEPTING this NEW Ecclesiology - composed by the heretics-cyprianites!
- Thus these apostates become CORELIGIONISTS to the heretics cyprianites
- thus they leave our Orthodox confession, proclaimed BY the Holy Spirit (THE ANATHEMA on Ecumenism cyprianism from 1998),
- thus they adopt a NEW confession – the one composed by the heretics cyprianites
- and thus they all together fall under the same
ANATHEMA on the heretics cyprianites!

4. This is exactly what openly and declaratively the "bishops" heretics cyprianites state on the cyprianites’ meeting, held on Feb 28/March 13, 2014. Here is the truth, that can not remain hidden:
At this SECRET meeting the cyprianites were closely watching the door and allowing to pass ONLY people who were known to be cyprianites. These fighters against God do not believe in God Who says that there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed (Mark.4:22) and commands us to proclaim it from the rooftops (Mat.10:27-28). But despite their "secret" God helps two True Orthodox to penetrate there - our GOC intelligence. They tell us that two "bishops" cyprianites gave such an explanation to the attendees:
- in 1984 our Synod had wrong confession of the faith and therefore the cyprianites left our Synod
- but now, that "wrong" confession OF OURS is "rectified" a) through a NEW confession and b) through repentance of our bishops and posthumous restoring of the condemned by them Cyprian - so THIS was the reason why now the Cyprianites are joining together with us: THEY ARE THE ONES who are accepting us - and we are the ones "correcting" ourselves after their model IN DEED!

Here is a written declaration=guarantee of this:
The essence (in English
): First, be assured that none of our principles, none of our moderation, and none of the spirit bequeathed to us by our late and venerable Metropolitan Cyprian have been set aside, as some naysayers have suggested.

(In Greek): Κατ 'αρχάς , να είστε σίγουροι ότι καμία από τις αρχές μας και κανένας από την μετριοπάθεια μας  και  τίποτε από το πνεύμα που μας κληροδότησε ο Μακαριστός και Σεβασμιότατος Μητροπολίτης Κυπριανός  δεν έχουν αναιρεθεί, όπως μερικοί αρνητές έχουν προτείνει.

Therefore – IT IS GUARANTEED that the heretics cyprianites will keep their blasphemous heresy:
a) They teach that allegedly: Those who reside in heresy are still part of the Church of Christ and that allegedly their "mysteries" are Grace-filled
b) The heretics cyprianites resist the Holy Spirit, Who THROUGH st.Ap.Paul clearly says that the Church of Christ is a glorious Church, not having spot, or wrinkle or any such things, but is a holy and without blemish Bride of Christ (Ephes.5:27). And those resisters against the Holy Spirit blasphemously teach that allegedly: the Church was "divided into two parts", one ailing with heresy, and one healthy without heresy - and thus blasphemously maintain not only that the Holy Body=Church of Christ supposedly could be divided, but also be "infected" with the disease of lie=heresy.
Therefore – IT IS GUARANTEED that the heretics cyprianites will continue to fall under ANATHEMA, imposed on the heresy of ecumenism in 1983 by the Russian Diaspora, from which the Synod of Chrysostom (today Kallinikos) has apostolic succession, and also under the ANATHEMA imposed on the heresy of ecumenism in 1998 by the Synod of Chrysostom (today Kallinikos).

Ask, brethren, this simple question: WHAT IS THE AIM of this NEW Ecclesiology - composed by the heretics cyprianites? The answer is one: to lull the vigilance of the Orthodox – TO DECEIVE THEM!
A simple question: What need does the Church have of adopting a NEW calendar? None!
The heretics have need for this INNOVATION - to push the heresy of ecumenism!
A simple question: What need does the Church have of adoption of a NEW Ecclesiology? None!
The heretics have need for this INNOVATION - to push the heresy of cyprianism!
And thus the way of Truth is evil spoken of - as predicted (2Pet.2:2)

Thus this NEW ecclesiology IS THE BRIDGE to the religion of the Antichrist!
Thus the old dream of the heretic Cyprian
is coming true – to serve for the convening of the council of the antichrist – which will be called the "Eighth Ecumenical Council" - and on this council
a) will be
adopted - only two “dogma – the “dogma of the antichrist:
everything is the truth
everything is permitted
b) and will be
condemned - only the ones who disagree with this council = the Orthodox = condemned will be only the Holy Orthodoxy = only the True Orthodox Church!
Priest John (Vasilevski):
This was written by me as far back as 1985 in my book "The Way of the Faithful Today" - since when practically dates my struggle against the heresy of cyprianism and against the dream of this arch-heretic of the so-called "8-th ecumenical" = the council of the antichrist - and for which book also their allies the bolsheviks were persecuting me.
(At that time today’s Photius of Marathon was walking upright under the table...)

This dream of the heretic Cyprian, known for a long time, has already found its deceitful workers (2Cor.11:13) - because such are false apostles, deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ [11:14] - as the Apostle says clearly in the Epistle to the Corinthians.

But this
FRAUD of the heretics cyprianites - manifest or those who were until now hidden in the Synod of Kallinikos – is revealed very simply:

1. It is an undeniable FACT that:
Since in 1998 the True Synod, of Chrysostomos, the True Bishops – such as Kalliopios, Matthew and others, enlightened by the Holy Spirit (not today's apostates) – gave over to ANATHEMA the heresy of ecumenism-cyprianism - even to this day ALL clergy and laity from different countries - Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and many others - who had been in the heresy of ecumenism
- were leaving the heresy of ecumenism
- and coming to Corinth, in the Monastery of Holy Archangels – and adopting the True Confession = THE ANATHEMA imposed on ecumenism (and cyprianism) – after which they were taking what is required by the holy CANONS stipulated by God the Holy Spirit.
It is an undeniable FACT!

2. There follows the logical Question FIRST:
Why do the heretics cyprianites not do so?
- WHY do they not simply submit to anathema their heresy IF(!) they are actually repenting for it? And why do they not just accept the Orthodox confession?
- WHY is this extreme fanaticism and this stubborn impenitence of theirs in this heresy?

. There follows the logical Question SECOND:
- What need "have" we the True Orthodox Christians – that someone composes a NEW ecclesiology for us?
We, the Orthodox Christians HAVE Ecclesiology: we BELIEVE - that the Holy Spirit enlightened the Orthodox Bishops from the TRUE Synod - that of Chrysostom - and THROUGH these true Bishops (Kalliopios, Matthew and others) the Holy Spirit God Himself has imposed this ANATHEMA on the heresy of ecumenism!
This is OUR FAITH (Ecclesiology) - this is the Holy Orthodoxy!
We HAVE NO need of NEW "ecclesiologies"! To us is sufficient the one that was written by the Holy Spirit THROUGH the True Orthodox Bishops in 1998! IT (not some NEW one) is the continuation of the Faith of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church!

In other words:
- The Orthodox Confession EXISTS! This is the confession of the Synod of Chrysostom!
- WHY then has there to be made up a new confession?
- WHY has this new confession to be made up by the heretics cyprianites?
- WHY has this new confession to be accepted by the Synod of Kallinikos?
This is an OPEN BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit! This blasphemy against the Holy Spirit lies in the allegation that
1) allegedly "the Holy Spirit was in error" in 1998 when He gave over to ANATHEMA the heresy of ecumenism and cyprianism - and so now
2) allegedly "there is a need" that the heretics cyprianites revolt and "rectify", "the mistakes" of God the Holy Spirit - correct the "delusion" of God the Holy Spirit - and give a new confession of faith FROM THEMSELVES, because supposedly they are "smarter" than God the Holy Spirit - God the Holy Spirit supposedly at that time "had not understood", and that is why at that time He proclaimed in that way through the Synod of Chrysostom
 3) and so now supposedly "there is need" that the heretics cyprianites – with such "smarter-ness" which means with such fanaticism - preach their heresy to the Synod K., and the latter accept it from them!

Even to think this – is a terrible BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit!

There is no need of a NEW confession!
- The Orthodox Confession EXISTS! This is the confession of the Synod of Chrysostom! The one who is Orthodox - can just accept it - AFTER having first submitted to anathema the heresy of ecumenism, which together with the heresy of cyprianism is BY the Holy Spirit THROUGH the Synod of Chrysostom submitted to ANATHEMA!

THOSE bishops OF the Synod of Kallinikos who now accept this NEW confession of the heretics cyprianites - just fall under this same anathema imposed BY the Holy Spirit THROUGH the Synod of Chrysostom in 1998 and also become heretics cyprianites - as written in the Book Of Needs:
"fallen under their own anathema"

We the Orthodox Christians do not need such "corrections" to the definition by the Holy Spirit, nor their blasphemous "refinements" to the definition by the Holy Spirit!
We the Orthodox Christians have no need for such hateful to God activity – of these BLASPHEMERS of the Holy Spirit - this NEW ecclesiology activity itself is BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit – NO MATTER WHAT it writes and HOW it writes it!

Only those BLASPHEMERS of the Holy Spirit have need to compose a NEW Ecclesiology - and this BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit, that allegedly the Holy Spirit has not spoken perfectly, that allegedly the Holy Spirit has to be "corrected" with a NEW Ecclesiology - imposes
ANATHEMA on ALL cyprianites
- both the manifest and the hidden in the Synod K., who are joining them!

But all who are Orthodox - do not be fooled! Stay in the Holy Orthodox Confession!

The heretics cyprianites hidden in the Synod K. are deceiving us in this way: "Since the cyprianites are knocking on the door of the Church, we have toshow love and accept them!"
But that is deceit
too - an obvious and deliberate DECEIT:

a) the cyprianites are not repenting (as we saw above), and therefore - "are not knocking on the door of the Church!" THERE HAS NEVER BEEN in the history of the Church condescension without repentance! Anycondescension=oeconomy requires: repentance and anathema to theheresyTHIS IS ABSENT in the manifest cyprianites.

b) the hidden in the Synod K. heretics cyprianites for many years and in different ways have been PERSECUTING us the True Orthodox Christians - not only the clergy but also the laity! 

Of what kind of "love" are they talking to us then? This is deceitthis ishypocrisy - and in this deceit and hypocrisy there is nothing even from afar resembling love!

There is NO True Love without the Truth!

(Hieromonk John Vasilevski)

IF the heretics cyprianites want on their part to become Orthodox - which they so far still ARE NOT (!) - this must be done TRULY, not hypocritically!
Because there is not salvation without the Truth!
This means - if they want to become Orthodox - they are
- NOT just "to condemn ecumenism"
- NOT also just "to anathematize ecumenism and the calendar"
a)  TO anathematize the heresy of ecumenism, defining it as the last and most terrible heresy=religion of the antichrist (there will not be another religion of the antichrist)
TO anathematize the papal calendar - as did the Holy Fathers of the Councils and as by three-quarters of what they did, did also the Synod of Chrysostom in 1998
TO anathematize the new calendar pseudochurch! - as a mother, that gave birth to the pan-heresy of ecumenism in 1920 - by conception from her father the devil (John.8:44) = the mother of the heresy of cyprianism and of the heretics cyprianites!

And after that IN DEED - the cyprianites must be
1) Baptized
Tonsured monks
Ordained deacons
Ordained Priests
Ordained Bishops
That is - they have to go through this procedure through which went father Cassian, Bulgarian, when from the heresy of cyprianism came into the Church = in the Synod of Chrysostom - Kallinikos!

Only after all that is done
only then the cyprianites
will become Orthodox - and we will go and bow to each of them = to Christ in him - and will kiss his hand.
And till then and
FOREVER the true Orthodox Synod of Chrysostom, and more precisely THROUGH the Synod - the Holy Spirit Himself (Whom the cyprianites blaspheme) has imposed:

anathema can not be revoked!
The Holy Spirit WAS NOT "mistaken" when He imposed it - as blasphemously and with stubborn fanaticism the heretics cyprianites teach!
On the contrary: the Holy Spirit has proclaimed the Holy Orthodox Truth - and to it resists the offspring of the satanic spirit = "church” of the resisters! Exactly – for this reason this "church” of the resisters falls under the imposed by the Holy Spirit

And all these movements and uprisings against the Holy Spirit
, which the heretics cyprianites are organizing today - both the manifest cyprianites and those hidden in the Synod K. - are carried out as the Lord has said – for there to be made manifest their wickedness, and the fact that they have all come under this

And this must become manifest for two reasons:
1) for the salvation of the chosen
2) and
for condemnation of the resisters with such fanaticism against the Right Hand of God (Ps.16:7)

And all who are Orthodox - do not be fooled!
Stay in the Holy Orthodox Confession!
- Because even if all the bishops leave us and go to this
false church in resistance against the Holy Spirit - even then:
- we who remain in the True Orthodox Confession,
- we who have brought nothing NEW, who have changed nothing of our legacy from the Eternal and Unchanging God,
- we are who comprise the Synod of Chrysostomos-Kallinikos (with or even without Kallinikos!)
and the others - they went to their place: to their brethren heretics cyprianites in their false church of the resisters against the Holy Spirit!

Stay in the Holy Orthodox Confession!
- Because according to the prophecy of St. Anatoly of Optina – in the time of apostasy in which we live
(2Thes.2:3) - for the believers who have failed to reap the other virtues, there are prepared by God wreaths for merely remaining steadfast in the True confession = in the Holy Orthodox Faith.



P.S. The shamelessness of the bishops of the Synod K., when they lie to us, has no limit! They have trampled their consciences fully and finally:

In a conversation of father Martin, father Gregory and other fathers with the Archbishop and with Photius, the latter two become aware:
- that Rossen Siromahov ("Photius" Triaditsa) IS NOT BAPTIZED,
- that Rossen Siromahov ("Photius" Triaditsa) confesses and preaches the heresy that Roman Catholics allegedly have grace (tied grace) - and many other heresies...
To reassure the Orthodox Priests, these hierarchs from the Synod K. say that ostensibly they would not accept Rossen ("Photius" Triaditsa) without preliminarily baptizing him and without him renouncing  his heresies
and anathematize them!
BUT THIS IS A LIE! INSOLENT LIE! And it is intended to lull the conscience - to DECEIVE the trustful Priests!

The Orthodox intelligence reports that in reality the masonic plan for the joint service with the heretics cyprianites is as follows:
a) All go and serve in the cyprianite monastery in Oropo
b) Together with them serves Rossen Siromahov ("Photius" Triaditsa) - and to this NO ONE SHOULD pay attention
c) Rossen Siromahov officially publishes his joint service with the traitors from the Synod Kallinikos in Oropo
d) When the Orthodox point to this fact with outrage - the traitors have planned to justify themselves as follows:
"- But we did not know that Bishop Photius is serving with us. We do not know him and we thought that it was some one of theirs. And, besides, he has always been welcome in this monastery, and we could not impose on the hosts to change their traditions and thereby bring chaos into the mood of our Bright Celebration" - and this way they have planned to officially (
formally) „legalize” their joint service with this theatric figure = with this mockery over the episcopacy = with this

unbaptized layman dressed in parti-colored clothes of bishop.

The Orthodox intelligence reports that the bishops of the Synod K., have only one problem! Only one, yet big problem - and it is the following:
- They still can not decide - WHAT COLOR amfia (liturgical vestments) to put on for their holiday for the joint service with the heretics cyprianites?
They have no other problem. Since the masons give them their "blessing" - what other problem can there be?

- "Sifting off" of the disaffected - and
- Preparing for the "Eighth Ecumenical" = the council of the antichrist = Cyprian’s dream in action...

Date of this publication 5/18 March, 2014

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on the cyprianites


  The perversion
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  The Defrocking of Cyprian
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TO the 7,000 men
whom God
has left Himself

and who did not bend
knee to the idols
and did not kiss them
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